WordPress Theme Development

I recently created an alternative version of my portfolio as a custom WordPress Theme to further advance my knowledge of PHP. It was designed with Bootstrap 3 framework and can be found at GabrielleBhagwat.com

Gabrielle Bhagwat's Responsive Web Design WordPress Custom Theme

Responsive Web Design

Here's my site responsive in 4 viewports - Desktop (1600 x 992px), Laptop (1280 x 802px), Tablet (768 x 1024px) and Mobile (320 x 480px).

Gabrielle Zwilling's Responsive Web Design Site

Information Architecture

Learn more about the site's planning process in the UXD Project.

The Final Product

You're viewing it!

Google User Experience

Google User Experience 100 out of 100

Site Performance

On my first test, 90/100! I'm proud to say my site only takes 1.09 seconds to load. Check out my Pingdom Web Results .

Pingdown Website Test Results for GabrielleZwilling.com

Nelson Stud Welding

WordPress Theme Development

I developed a custom one page WordPress theme using Bootstrap and WordPress for the upcoming conferences.

Nelson Stud WordPress Theme


Bootstrap 3 was the method for designing and developing the Arc Charger landing page at Nelson Stud Welding.

Charger in Bootstrap

The Arc Charger page has gone live for the upcoming NEAC conference in Chicago.


Design in Process

Original Design

The original design was designed with the Bootstrap 3 framework - coding with HTML5 and CSS3.

USProTri Bootstrap

Content Management System

I kept the design and used Concrete5 to turn the site into a CMS.

USProTri Concrete5 CMS


Eventually, I chose to move the site design to WordPress because the client was not familiar with the tool, Concrete5 . So, I created a new design in WordPress .


Information Architecture

Learn more about the site's planning process in Information Architecture.

The Final Product

The client eventually decided that he would prefer to keep his site in Yahoo! Site Builder until post-season because it's the tool most comfortable to him.


WordPress Small Business Site

Here's a sample site for a small consulting business, GABCOMM , that I designed in 2014.


Mobile App Design

Design in Process

Here's the intial design for an Android mobile app for task reminders.

Android Task App
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